Some extracts from the reviews of
Michele Alassio's work
"... the images of Michele Alassio are the sum of the infinite combinations of harmony, to the point of drawing figures that seem suspended and linked together in a continuous idyll. Like in a mysterious dance, but without protagonists. .... more often than not the context is unrecognizable. Everything is gathered in transparency. In the double vision. As wrapped in the mythical power of feelings "

Denis Curti

Curatore Artistico della Casa dei Tre Oci, Venezia

Direttore Artistico Civita tre Venezie

Vicepresidente Fondazione Forma per la Fotografia

"... this tribute to JLB by Michele Alassio touches accurately and intelligently the elusive and complex center of Borghesian sensitivity, with a technical perfection and a harmony that can only be described with the words of Dante in the Divine Comedy:
“The love that moves the sun and the stars "

Maria Kodama

Vedova di Jorge Luis Borges

Presidente della Fondazione Internazionale Jorge Luis Borges

That mysteriousness gives them great beauty. But it does so beacuse of the formal perfection of Michele’s work, where he is evidenetly in such complete control of light and tonalities and textures and their manipulations that he achieves prints that are simply exquisite. Were he with us today, I can’t but believe that Jorge Luis Borges would be delighted to have inspired work of such compelling originality and beauty.

Paul Leclerc

Presidente Emerito della New York Public Library

Consigliere della Andrew W.Mellon Foundation, New York

Direttore Columbia’s Europe Global Center

Alassio’s photographs reveal a series of extemporaneous truths, rendering the images even more authentic than the subjects featured in them. The photographer’s eye – poetic and technically adept at the same time – carry the observer off into a sort of magic realism that takes on profound, intimate shades of meaning, shaping works that move beyond the realm of the present, with echoes of a stronger, intangible sensation that leaves its mark on us.

Gian Maria Mossa

Amministratore Delegato Banca Generali

General Manager Banca Generali

Photography is artifice. Michele treats photography as a challenge and wields his intellect and emotion to confront it. The deconstruction of the superfluous and the revelation of intangible truths are his goals. The end results are images that appear more authentic than what is photographed with impressions that endure like dreams.

Barry Friedman

Art Galleryst and Collector, New York

The architectures, the silhouettes of the buildings, the bridges and the calli invariably struggle to emerge from uncertain lighting conditions, from magical shadows, or can perhaps just be glimpsed through a blanket of fog that is more poetic than meteorological. So for this series – and for others – it might be fair to say that Alassio’s photography is not so much about “writing with light”, as the etymology suggests, as “writing with the dark”: a darkness adroitly used to generate uncertainty and a sense of alienation, a darkness from which emerge signs and traces that evoke a whole different world. The world of an imminent revelation.

Claudio Marra

Full Professor of the history of Photography at the University of Bologna

Author of “Fotografia e Pittura del 900’”, “Fotografia e Arti Visive”, “Che cosa è la Fotografia”

Michele Alassio’s photographs are quite outsidedescriptive or neo-figurative clichè. They are suspended images which invite the spectator on a journey of the mind, searching for a sense of building something together. They shun the obviousness of the communication world and also the conditioning of information. Michele Alassio’s eye has suspended multiple times and spaces but he returns the glance as an epiphany of an infinite story.

Dario Evola

Professor of Aesthetics at the University of Fine Arts and La Sapienza University in Rome